AUTHORIZED FOR MILITARY USE: As of August 26, 2013 Pegasus Thrusters are now a commercial item on the AMU List. The Pegasus Thruster Package is authorized to be used by United States military divers in accordance to its review and approval. Read more...
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Since 2002, Pegasus Thruster Inc. has grown to be the world leader in fixed mounted high-performance underwater diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). With a complete line of thrusters tailored to both professional and recreational divers, Pegasus Thrusters are continuously winning competitions and are quickly become a necessary staple for the underwater professional. Everyone from government municipalities, explorers, search & rescue teams and TV production crews are reaping the benefits of the lightweight, easy to use device; many are calling the Pegasus Thruster one of the most significant recent advancements in diving.

The patented, tank-mounted diver propulsion systems provide effortless hands-free operation providing significant power with relatively no maintenance. The major difference between the Pegasus and competing DPVs, is the way the thruster is strapped to the diver's airtank, leaving the user's hands free for tasks like filming, photography, spear guns and other equipment.

With speeds up to 170 ft per minute, the Pegasus Thrusters expand diving boundaries and significantly reduces fatigue. Pegasus continues to develop and design products with the diver's experience in mind. Until you dive with a Pegasus Thruster you'll never know how it feels to fly underwater.