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Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

On my most recent field program in Greece, we surveyed for ancient shipwrecks in the Greek National Marine Park of Alonessos and the Northern Sporades. My Greek colleagues heard a local rumor of an ancient wreck off a certain island in the archipelago, and before I arrived with the Pegasus thrusters they had searched for two days in very steep underwater terrain. No joy.

When I arrived, we headed back out to the island. Two of my Greek colleagues strapped on the thrusters - their first use of them. Using the Thrusters they covered more ground than they had in the previous two full diving days. In about 20 minutes they discovered a 1,000 year-old shipwreck. Proof positive of Pegasus Thruster's utility for our kind of work.

Brandon Foloey
Maritime Archaeologist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

Kurt Clifton, CEO of Clifton Diving Ventures in Sycamore, Ill., has been using a Pegasus Thruster since 2003, “Its small size and low weight, and the fact that everything is out of the way to allow the individual full movement makes the Pegasus dominant in the DPV field,” he said. A retired police lieutenant, expert diving instructor and head of a foundation that introduces disabled servicemen and other individuals to diving, Clifton said that Pegasus “makes diving easier for me as well as other individuals with disabilities.”

Kurt Clifton
CEO of Clifton Diving Ventures

Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

The Pegasus thrusters ease of use and functionality have made my job far less strenuous and much more efficient. They allow me to film 3 to 4 dives a day for two weeks straight without much fatigue at all. We are very tough on equipment, don't have time for repairs, deal with a lot of unpredictable situations, and need to be ready to go to work in an instant. The Pegasus thrusters live up to everything that I demand for my work. They will be apart of my equipment checklist on the Mothership Ocean from here on out.

David Olsen
Underwater Camerman
Nat Geo Expedition Great White

Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

After sustaining a spinal cord injury and living in a wheelchair for the past six years, getting back to scuba diving was a top priority of mine. This past weekend not only proved that I can still dive, but with the assistance of the Pegasus Thruster, I can truly dive with ease. I want to let you know that not only did your Pegasus Thruster calm every one of my concerns, but it completely beat every expectation that I had. The Pegasus Thruster gave me a moment in time where I felt like I had no disability at all.

Kevin Mullin
C5 Quadriplegic
CEO of Unlimited Abilities Foundation, Inc.

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Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

As a underwater filmmaker I can't imagine doing a dive without a Pegasus Thruster on my tank, it allows me to get shots that I'd never be able to get otherwise, the Thruster allows me to effortlessly stay with turtles, dolphins, eagle rays and other swimming marinelife, with the Thruster I can stay with the marinelife and can concentrate on my shooting rather than swimming and get the shot. I have a good air consumption rate but with the Thruster I use less air, can do the entire 510 ft. long Spiegel Grove on one 20 min. dive from the bow to the stern and back again, incredible....there has been currents that without the Thruster I wouldn't have made it down to the wreck without my Thruster. I can't dive without one now. If I had to sum up the Thruster in only one word, it would be to me, INVALUABLE.

Frazier Nivens
Emmy Award Winning Underwater Filmmaker

Pegasus Thruster Marketing Inc.

At the Tacoma Dive and Travel Expo, Billy Snook, from Seven Seas Scuba, suited up to dive with our very own Pegasus Thruster. To put it simply, he loved our unit. So check out his company’s site It is the only PADI 5 star Instructor Development Center in the Portland / Vancouver area. Seven Seas Scuba offers plenty of good info. on dive trips for all ages, and check out their news section for up-to-date sales. Thanks again Billy.